The Locals: Consistent Coob

Meet Coobee Darcelin.

Otherwise known as Consistent Coob, he has quite the resume for a man of his age. The 21-year-old is the president of The Sidelines and Stages Foundation, manager of ‘99 Trip, a New Jersey-based rap group, and the founder of MapSo Juice, a video/podcast series. He is an event planner, a public speaker, and a student. Coobee is a hard worker and a motivator.

Coobee for Mapsosupply, 2019

Coobee graduated from Columbia High School in 2017 and is currently studying marketing at William Paterson University. He coaches a local youth basketball team and loves to play as well. Beyond that, his passion for music has played a huge role in his career thus far.

It all started in 2017 when Coobee got bored on the job at the Maplewood pool. He recorded a motivational video that he shared to Instagram, and it blew up. Since, then, he’s continued to share his words of wisdom on social media and built a following as the @consistentcoob we all know and love.

Since then, he’s hosted multiple concerts and shows, gathering some of the best young and emerging artists in the area to perform for local crowds. “The goal is to create opportunities for upcoming local artists”, Coobee explained. For him, it’s all about being the platform that allows others to learn, grow, and succeed. Most recently, his “Farewell 2019” show was host to artists like Mia Gladstone, Felisha George, Glomanie, HueGo, and more.

Left to right: HueGo, Mia Gladstone, Euphony performing at "Farewell 2019". Photos by Ethan Pidgeon

The Sidelines and Stages Foundation, which Coobee launched in 2019, "provides opportunities through arts, athletics, and enrichment… to be the bridge that low-income students need” to find success. Sidelines and Stages is currently sponsoring all Essex County schools’ participation in a nationwide spelling bee competition. For those that make it through to regionals and eventually nationals, Sidelines and Stages will be covering all travel expenses. They’ve hosted workshops around music literacy, dance, and more, along with fundraising to provide school supplies for underserved students.

Coobee, at such a young age, is a figure that so many in the community look up to. He’s shamelessly doing his thing, doing it well, and helping others along the way. He’s exactly what it means to be a local.

Connect with Coobee @consistentcoob, and learn more about him at



Maplewood, NJ