MAPSO Strong

To the MAPSO Family,

At this point, we all find ourselves in a new, strange reality. COVID-19 has disrupted the way we live and interact with each other, at least for the near future. Just like so many other small businesses, we have been trying to work out how to best proceed, but more importantly, how to support and protect our community in MAPSO and beyond.

For the past few months, we have been working behind the scenes on a number of products and collaborations we are so excited to share with you. Our Spring collection, including sweatsuits and tees, was slated to release last week. However, as a team, we made the decision to formally postpone the release until further notice. We did this not only in accordance with New Jersey's lockdown order which prohibits us to do local deliveries but also to protect the health and safety of our valued customers, neighbors, and postal workers.

Until the current conditions pass, we will be doing our best to engage, entertain, and uplift our community. More importantly, it is important we support our fellow small businesses that may be struggling. Where Mapsosupply can take a pause, others may not have that luxury. Small acts like purchasing gift cards, ordering for curbside pickup, leaving larger than normal tips and the like can make all the difference.

We'll be doing our best to help in our own way, and encourage you to follow along @mapsosupply on Instagram.

Sending love in a time of confusion,

The Team




Maplewood, NJ