MAPSO for AUS: How to Help

As you've probably heard by now, apocalyptic fires are raging across Australia. Since September 2019, 23 people and 500 million animals have been killed, 12 million acres have been burnt, and thousands have lost their homes. The worst, experts say, is still yet to come. We believe it is all of our responsibilities to help, as the impact of these fires will be felt across the world.

Satellite photos show bushfires scorching Australia's South Coast. (Copernicus Sentinel data 2020)

Help Us Help AUS

We have decided to start a GoFundMe, from which 100% of proceeds will be donated to the NSW Rural Fire Service, an organization on the front lines supporting first responders, animal rescuers, and victims in New South Wales, where fires are at their worst. We urge you to consider contributing - these fires are devastating to Australian ecosystems, inhabitants, and wildlife.

But the damage doesn't stop there: forest fires release carbon dioxide, a key greenhouse gas, while destroying the trees that are vital in sequestering it. Fires like these really do affect the whole world; even though these effects can't immediately be seen or felt by us now, it is our responsibility to do what we can to mitigate them.

Of course, the money we raise can't put out these fires. It will, in reality, play a tiny role in the effort to contain them. Nonetheless, if we can encourage those in our community to do something, it is our hope they may play it forward and continue to do so in their own lives. We must start somewhere.

If you'd like to contribute to our GoFundMe campaign, click the link below:

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