The Market: How It Works

Step 1: Go Dig

Everyone has old clothing laying around... Turn it into profit by selling on The Market!


We are looking for vintage, unique, brand name items such as:

  • Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Nautica, etc.

  • Vintage Carhartt, Champion, Reebok, etc. 

  • Vintage graphic tees

  • Accessories like hats, duffle bags, and belts

  • Seasonal items

  • Anything else you've seen us sell!


Step 2: We'll Take it from Here

No one likes to fuss around to get their things sold. Leave that to us. 


We'll sell your clothes as if they're our own by:

  • Taking quality pictures you to make your items look better than ever

  • Posting your items to our website, Instagram, and other sales platforms

  • Taking care of the packaging, shipment, or delivery of your items

  • Keeping track of sales and earnings meticulously to get you paid  

Step 3: Get Paid!

Our commission fee:

    • We only get paid when you get paid. 

    • We'll take 15% off of the final sale (after fees) or a $5.00 minimum, whichever is appropriate. 

    • For example, from a $20.00 sale, we'd take $5.00, as 15% would not meet that mark. However, a $50.00 would equate to a $7.50 commission, as the 15% surpassed that mark. 

    • Note: platforms like eBay, Depop, and Grailed take 10%, but you do all the work and throw your items on an oversaturated market! Why not keep your items and money local.